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If a man in the street were to pursue his self, what kind of guiding thought would he come up with about changing his existence? He would perhaps discover that his brain is not yet dead, that his body is not dried up, and that no matter where he is right now, he is still the creator of his own destiny. He can change this destiny by taking his one decision to change seriously, by fighting his petty resistance against change and fear, by learning more about his mind, by trying out behavior which fills his real need, by carrying out concrete acts rather than conceptualizing about them, by practicing to see and hear and touch and feel as he has never before used these senses, by creating something with his own hands without demanding perfection, by thinking out ways in which he behaves in a self-defeating manner, by listening to the words and looking into the eyes of those who speak to him, by learning to respect the process of his own creative encounters and by having faith that they will get him somewhere soon.

We must remind ourselves, however, that no change takes place without working hard and without getting your hands dirty. There are no formulae and no books to memorize on becoming, I only know this: I exist, I am, I am here, I am becoming, I make my life and no one else makes it for me, I must face my own shortcomings, mistakes, and transgressions. No one can suffer my non-being as I do, but tomorrow is another day, and I must decide to leave my bed and live again. And if I fail, I don’t have the comfort of blaming YOU or LIFE or GOD.

[Source: A paper delivered by Zinker for the Gestall Institute in Cleveland]

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My Electricity Company of Ghana Statement

The Electricity Company of Ghana

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) had put my neighbourhood off the national grid for 17 days now. Their reason was because the community had a legacy debt and also had refused the installation of prepaid meters. All of these were lies of course.

For days now, the manager of the ECG had been moving from one media house to another courting public sympathy for his illegal actions. He has indeed made more radio and television appearances than working in his ultra modern office. He has turned himself to a Public Relation Officer. If his actions are indeed justified, why jumping like a frog from one radio and television station to another?

Lawyer Mahama

The Power Outage had caused many to lose their livelihoods – Tailors/dressmakers, welders, hairdressers, cold storage operators, fridge and electronic gadget repairers etc. Health Care in the communities had also run to a halt as there are no funds to power generators and plants. Some do not even have these hydrocarbon sucking machines to even talk of cost of fuel. People are dying while mortuaries are asking family to come for their dead. The dead cannot even rest because of the iron hands of a monopolistic power producer with an egoistic manager.


Among his lies were that his workers were afraid to work in the area – the Krobo Area. I therefore decided to visit their local office which has been working even in the midst of the crisis – buy some power into my non-functioning prepaid meter and also take my statement from 2014.

ECG office

Unfortunately, I had the statement from 2015 but fortunately, it was enough to proof my point. It captured my transaction with the ECG within the period that the ECG itself has admitted overbiling it’s customers. Funny enough, I had a negative balance as at December 2016.

There was a demonstration at the offices of the ECG – Somanya because the people realise the thievery of the ECG. Instead of correcting the errors, the Electricity company decided to rather embark on a massive disconnection exercise. Because the demonstration shook the foundation of the company, they decided to abandon their office. This brought a situation where neither meters were read nor bills were given. This continued for almost 2 years. I therefore owed the company within the period without no fault of mine.

But I resumed payment the moment the company came back to town and resumed with reading meters and producing bills. It must be noted that since the initial issue was not resolved, many a people decided not to pay their bills. Some customers, businesses and institutions though were paying their bills in full.

The company recently issued a statement on the installation of Prepaid meters to all its customers in the Krobo Area. The statement states among others that, the ECG had ring fenced or set aside the debt between 2014 to 2016. This is the same period the company admitted overbilling the people. It is same period that I have a negative balance. It would therefore be fair for the company to refund all that I have paid within that period.

ECG announcement

Also in the statement, the ECG has also given the people 5 years to pay off the debt from 2017 – 2021. Even though it is not yet 2027, the ECG boss is in town claiming the people owed the company.

The question of the century is why the people remain in Darkness for 17 days ? This remains one for the gods to answer.

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The Krobo power outage

Yilo Krobo Municipal Assembly is up. We don’t know the darkness. The Sun of God and Star of God shines day and night over us. The wind refreshes his children at night.

The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited  want to break us but the crocodile fears no darkness.

Day 14 of the Krobo blackout but we are still living.

In adversity comes ingenuity. We shall survive. We are indeed survivors.

Good morning from under the Volta River.

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Akuapem Zone holds Sports Festival

A volleyball game

The Akuapem zone of the Eastern Region Second Cycle School Sports Association held its Annual inter-schools Sports festival on Monday 11th – Friday 15th July 2022.


This was the first edition since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus.  This year featured both Athletics and Games.  A total of  14 schools participated in all the events.  Adonten Senior High School and Okuapeman Senior High School were adjudged winners for the boys and girls Athletics respectively. 

Various venues were used.  Athletics took place at Okuapeman Senior High school while the games had 4 venues – Okuapeman, Nifa Senior High School,  Mamfe Methodist Girls Senior High School and Mampong Secondary  School for the Deaf.

Benkum Senior High School beat Nifa Senior High to lift the soccer trophy whilst  Diaspora Girls Senior High School beat Larteh Presbyterian Senior High Technical School to win the Girls edition.  Nifa Senior High however beat Mampong Secondary School for the Deaf to win the boys volleyball.  

Nifa SHS girls soccer team.

The Chairman of the Eastern Region Second Cycle School Sports Association, Mr Nana Yaw Dankwa who is also the Head master of New Abirem Senior High School asked participants to play fair.  He also told them to take their Covid-19 jabs because they would be disallowed to participate in the super zonal competition if they have not taking the Covid-19 vaccine. 

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Military Presence in Somanya

Picture of Soldiers

There are talks of military presence in Somanya.  Since I have not seen them, I decided not to believe the ‘rumours’. 

On my rounds today, alas! I met a Battalion of soldiers.  Fully armed to the teeth in front of a shop at Ogome a suburb of Somanya. Near by, some people believed to be electricians were busily climbing electric poles and others were fixing what I believe would be prepaid meters.

What shocked me to the core was not the machine guns and ammunitions that the soldiers carried but rather the taped Canes that they openly displayed. You could see that they were battle ready to unleash the calamitous pain that the cane will emit on any citizen that dared to challenge them.  I believed that was what they unleashed on the youth who took photograph of them some few days ago.  In fact, I wish to have captured the march of the battalion but I had played back the video of the crying youth in my mind and advised myself accordingly.


I do not know whether we are in the Jungle where the military has the power to judge and punish supposed ‘criminals’ on the street in the spare of the moment.  And what happened to the parliamentary order to get the soldiers out of town? Maybe Nitriwul (The Minister of Defense) and his bold headed boss (President of Ghana) do not give a damn about parliament and the people of Klo.

For now, I am enjoying my prepaid meter. And for what I have experienced so far (all things being equal) it may be better than postpaid.  But it is early days yet.  The following months would decide.

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Our Childhood Swimming Pool

This is Ogbotue. The swimming pool for boys those days. It has now become a dead zone. Pitifully, our children would not know the joy we experienced.

Erosion had washed all our memories away. And because of tab water, our children would not get to fetch water at this base. And of course, the small fishing 🎣 we went at Ogbotue would not be experienced by our children as well.

Mango hunting which was very important part of our childhood is no more a fun time and a hunger solving thing.

Our children, definitely do not know what they are missing.